Lubricator Fittings & Accessories

Simalube® clamps are designed and manufactured specifically for the Simalube single-point lubricator. The clamp allows secure mounting and does not require any tools to open or close. Other lubricator fittings and accessories include protective covers and multi-lubricator clamps. If space restrictions do not allow installation of the lubricator directly on the equipment, use hose and fittings designed specifically for Simalube use, along with a clamp to hold the lubricator securely in a convenient place.

Elevator brushes and round brushes adapt the automatic lubricator fittings to specific application installations. Lateral connection brushes easily apply automatic lubrication practices to roller chains. Install automatic lubricators in hard-to-reach locations where manual lubrication and human error can result in costly downtime. Integrated Corrosion Companies is an authorized Simalube distributor. Please call us for more information on lubricator fittings and accessories.

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